Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a member of The Texas Tribune?

As a member, your contributions go directly to supporting our mission by helping make our content free and accessible to all Texans.

What is a sustaining membership?

A sustaining membership means your donation recurs automatically on a monthly or yearly basis via credit card. This provides the Tribune with the sort of predictable revenue that allows us to plan budgets a few years at a time, and it helps eliminate renewal mailings or lapses in your membership.

How can I renew my membership?

Sustaining members don't need to manually renew their membership. You can update billing information, your membership level or cancel at any time by contacting If you are not a sustaining member, you may renew annually, either online or by sending a membership donation in the mail.

How do I cancel a recurring membership or dispute a charge?

We are here to help! Please directly email our membership team at to cancel a sustaining membership or to dispute a carge on your credit card. You may also call us at 512-716-8695.

How can I check the status of my membership?

Email for more information on your status.

Can I make a one-time contribution?

Absolutely! You can make a contribution here.

Are contributions to The Texas Tribune tax deductible?

Yes. You will receive a tax receipt at the time your gift is made.

What if I want my employer to match my contribution?

You can find out if your employer offers a matching program by clicking here. If your company offers a matching program, please follow the listed directions in order to get your contribution to the Tribune, as matched by your employer. Email with any questions.

What’s the difference between a Registered User and a Member?

Registered users can comment on Tribune stories. This is a free service that you can sign up for here. Members financially support the Tribune on a recurring basis and receive membership benefits.

How do I sign up for Texas Tribune newsletters?

Go to our newsletter subscription page, where you can sign up for any of our free newsletters.

I'm getting too many alerts. How do I manage them?

Simply scroll to the bottom of any email you've received from the Tribune and click "Update subscription preferences" in the footer. Or, you can contact to update your email subscriptions.

Help! I forgot my Texas Tribune username/password!

You can reset it or retrieve it here. Forgot the email address you used to set up your account? Contact us at and we’ll send it to you.

What is the Tribune's mailing address and phone number?

919 Congress Avenue, Sixth Floor, Austin, TX 78701, 512-716-8600

What if I still have a question about membership?

Please email us at or call 512-716-8695.

How do I subscribe to The Blast?

Visit here for pricing and subscription information.

Can I subscribe to The Blast by check or be invoiced?

Yes, please email and request an invoice.

I have questions about The Blast. Whom do I contact?

Please email us at or call 512-716-8695.